Pros and cons of using Node.js

There are many platforms used in the field of programming and website development. Every program has its ups and downs. To develop an application, there are many suitable platforms and the developer can choose what compares the pros and cons. The free software Node.js and one of the most taken tools, but it also has its benefits and its misdeeds.

Why use node.js

Many internet pilot sites choose node.js as the server platform. There are among others Yahoo, Linkdln, Paypal and many more. But one of the biggest companies that use Node.js in part is surely the facebook site. Node attacks the google Javascript engine which is none other than the very vigorous V8; one of the most powerful currently on the world of the web server. The purpose of all the steps related to the request, whether inbound or outbound, is administered by non-blocking IOs. Node.js Developers will be able to handle all requests with a single thread. Basically, node facilitates the creation of a program as well as the management of databases. Compared to other platforms, node is fluid. While waiting for the response from the server, the client will not be blocked. While waiting for the request, he can take care to formulate others. And last but not least, the server can host up to more than 100,000 connections.

The negative effects

Node does not present many major drawbacks except that it is an environment that can be described as low level. Another point, the framework is still too young and it could be friable. The languages ​​are also a little different from other languages ​​commonly used for other programming software. Which makes it a little complicated writing callbacks and requires a habit. According to some developers also find the software loosely. Finally, and according to always users, Node tends to be complicated because the simple things become difficult, but nevertheless it simplifies the difficult things.

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